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Children are a gift from God and we believe parents have a special responsibility to raise their children to know and love Jesus. Dedication is a way for parents to make a commitment to provide an environment where the teachings of Jesus are embraced and a God-honoring lifestyle is encouraged. Dedication finds its Biblical roots in Hannah's dedication of Samuel (I Samuel 1:19-28) as well as Mary and Joseph's dedication of Jesus (Luke 2:21-22).

At Constance, we currently hold Parent Dedication services 2-3 times each year. Dedications are held during weekend services and parents may choose the service time in which they prefer to participate.

Parents will be asked to attend a dedication class prior to the dedication service to review what dedication means and to allow us the opportunity to answer any questions you may have. During this class, we present ways that Constance wants to equip parents of young children. Several members of the Constance staff will be available to greet you and share their vision for Family Ministry. We also have a very special gift we'd like to present to you at this time.

It is our prayer that this time of dedication will be precious in the sight of God and a meaningful experience for you and your family.




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