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Louisiana February 2021 Trip - Day 4

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Our last full day. Worked hard on getting the church ready for the contractors, removing screws still from drywall that was removed. People organize trailers for all the tools, building materials, etc. that will be needed especially when Crisis Response starts working on homes in the...

Louisiana February 2021 Trip - Day 2 & 3

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Hello from Louisiana!I think I missed a day of blogging as it’s Tuesday already, everyone is working hard, tearing ceilings down, helping to gut the church to get ready for the contractors to move ahead with the remodeling. Church members have been bringing meals for us to eat in the...

Louisiana February 2021 Trip - Day 1

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Hi from Lake Charles, Louisiana. The first day was really all traveling. Flying into Houston, Texas, they told us bathrooms on the plane had frozen pipes, we were asked not to use the bathrooms. If there was a bathroom emergency the airplane would divert to some airport, thank goodness that...

Louisiana February 2021 Trip - Beginning this Weekend

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Before we leave wanted to show a small glimpse of our Free Church and their Crisis Response division. This video is about the Lake Charles, Louisiana area that we will be serving in from February 7-13, 2021. Please pray for us during this time. - Paul Nei, Team Leader Lake Charles Response...

Texas 2020 Trip - Day 5

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Last day today, how sad! So hard to say goodbye to these people who have given us so much, mercy, kindness, support. Makes one want to quit their job and join them full time. I guess I’ll just take what I’ve learned here about, prayer, service, “people over projects” and...

Texas 2020 Trip - Day 4

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Last of our full days here in Texas. Morning devotions before our work are so rewarding, what a great group of believers we are in the midst of. Great food, we have a cook who has been making some excellent meals....thank you Elouise, thanks to Kerry and Sheila Jeska (from Constance) our...

Texas 2020 Trip - Day 3

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Wow, our last full day here is tomorrow, time is slipping by so fast. Much progress is being made at the house. Lonie and Ted have been working hard, Ted can now double as a finish carpenter, so if you need one he’s your man. Lonie’s lifelong friend Melanie who lives in Houston came...

Texas 2020 Trip - Day 2

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A little story about the house we’re working on. The house belongs to Sam and Stephanie, a father and daughter. Their house was flooded in the hurricane named Harvey a few years ago. After the water receded, being unable to financially fix the water damage, they left the main level and...

Texas 2020 Trip - Day 1

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First full day in Texas, weather was cool for this part of the country, high 70’s. Breakfast at the crisis response staff house, then devotions, then off to work, Lonie, a trooper as usual, spent some time painting, pulling nails, filling nail holes, etc. Ted helping staff member...

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