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We believe that showing children the wonder of God's love is nothing less than a divine privilege. We strive to create a warm and loving area for your child to play and grow. We believe that the church and home families are partners in providing spiritual guidance and are committed to working together to provide a solid foundation for your children.

There are three areas of our Nursery to accommodate your child's needs:

  • Infant/Crawler (0-1 year)
  • Walker/Toddler (1-2 years)
  • Two Year Olds Class (2-3 years)

Due to differences in maturity, children are free to change areas within the nursery according to your comfort level as their parent. Each area is supplied with age and developmentally appropriate toys that are sanitized regularly. As your child is ready for a bit of structure, they will be invited to participate in a two year old class with a story, simple craft, and game.

Please label all items you bring to the Nursery (bottles, pacifiers, etc) with your child's name so they can be easily identified and returned.

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