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What’s 5:1?

Research shows intergenerational relationships are linked with faith that sticks.* At Constance, our vision is to see every 5th-12th grade student connecting with five adults who model active faith. Whether you are a student, parent, or adult in our congregation, you can help accomplish this vision.

*See Sticky Faith, by Kara Powell and Chap Clark

One Vision, Three Perspectives

5:1 for Students:
Every middle and high school student can identify at least five adults who are faith role models in their lives. While the names of these adults may change throughout the years, the ratio remains the same.

5:1 for Parents:
Parents play a key role in helping children identify their “five.” These can include Christian relatives, coaches, or adults at church. Parents can be intentional about inviting these faith role models to walk alongside their kids, especially during the teen years.

5:1 for the Church Congregation:
Every believing adult has the potential to be a faith role model for a young person. Being a role model does not require special training or expertise. It can be as easy as getting to know a young person through a shared activity and engaging in simple conversations related to faith.

Where do you fit?

Consider where you might fit in the 5:1 vision. Are you an adult with faith to pass on to the next generation? Are you a student looking for faith role models? Are you a parent helping a child identify their five? Which of these next steps might work for you?


  • Make a list of the young people in your life (church, family, neighborhood, etc.) and pick one or two to pray for this month.
  • Look for a way to volunteer in a student ministry.
  • Get to know and encourage a young person who serves with you at church.


  • Send a text or a note to thank someone who has modeled faith for you.
  • Invite an adult friend to attend your sporting event or school performance.
  • Ask an adult role model to join you in a favorite activity.


  • Ask your child to tell you who they look up to when it comes to their faith.
  • Encourage your child to turn to a trusted adult when they have questions about life and faith.
  • Invite a faith role model to a birthday celebration or a family dinner.    


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