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Our vision is to see students encouraged through a community of intergenerational relationships, developing grace-based, gospel-centered faith.

Research shows intergenerational relationships are linked with faith that sticks. As a church, we realize that students need older generations to model faith and pray for them. The Prayer Partner Initiative will match students with same-gender prayer partners from our congregation. We want to see relationships form as students gain trusted adults in their lives who love and follow Jesus.

At Constance, students ages 10-20 have the opportunity to be paired with a praying adult from our community. This adult can be chosen by the student and their parents or selected by the Family Ministry staff. Students can count on their prayer partner to periodically ask for prayer requests, to occasionally meet for a doughnut in the Prayer Partner Café, and of course – to pray! This partnership is intended to last for one year, but partners may choose to continue longer.

Parents will be asked to help younger students register and connect with prayer partners. Parents are encouraged to meet the adult partner, give approved contact information, and help with scheduling.

Adults at Constance will have the opportunity to become a prayer partner for a student. Adults may wish to select a young person they already know or receive a student match from us. This commitment will involve regularly asking your student for prayer requests, occasionally connecting at the Prayer Partner Café, and of course – faithfully praying! You will receive a Prayer Partner Guide including guidelines and suggestions for making the most of your experience.

How do I start?

Fill out the appropriate registration form listed below. Parents of minors are required to give permission for their student’s involvement. Constance staff will process applications, run background checks, and give approval for all adults who apply. Prayer Partner matches will be made based on availability.




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