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Our world is changing. Humanity has never had more freedom and mobility, which means the world is becoming less segregated and increasingly diverse. Cities have become the hub of this transformation. For the first time in history, the majority of the world’s population is urban. Berlin, the capital city of Germany, has become an increasingly influential city in Europe. Berlin has helped shape the landscape of politics, arts, media, culture, and academics throughout the continent. In recent years, Berlin has also grown in its influence on an international scale.

At the end of 2016, there were nearly 1,000,000 registered residents of foreign nationality. Many of these residents are refugees who have fled conflict or extreme poverty for the sake of a better life. Berlin is also not immune to other social and economic issues that are endemic to cities. The city has high rates of poverty. One in three children in Berlin are on public assistance and there is a large homeless population.

The unique demographics of Berlin provide incredible opportunities for the gospel. Currently, only 2% of the population are Christians, which means there is an opportunity for a great harvest. Upwards of 150,000 people move into the city each year while a similar number move out, making it possible for a gospel-centered movement to spread globally. ReachGlobal is already actively ministering in the city of Berlin. In the last year, Constance has started to explore the possibility of a ministry partnership in this urban center of influence. 

A small team of leaders from Constance visited Berlin in the summer of 2019 to learn more about how we can partner with the ReachGlobal ministries in the city. We'd ask that you continue to pray for this developing relationship.

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