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The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is located in the center of Africa. It is the second largest nation in Africa and contains the third largest in population with estimates in 2015 of over 81,000,000 individuals. Constance has a growing relationship with gospel-centered ministries in the DRC. 

Our Partners and Initiatives

Kinshasa, the capital city of the DRC is fast becoming an urban center of great influence, not only in the DRC, but also for all of Africa. It is currently the third largest city on the continent, and it is estimated to have a population of 15 million by 2025. Just as the gospel influenced major city centers in the first century of Church history, we believe establishing gospel initiatives in this city could have great impact for the Kingdom of God and help it expand across all of Africa. In partnership with ReachGlobal, the missions wing of the EFCA, we’re working to establish gospel-centered initiatives around the city to share Christ’s love with the Congolese.

Poverty is extremely prevalent in Kinshasa, which leaves many young women with few opportunities for employment. The Tabitha Center gives young women an alternative to selling themselves or engaging in illegal activities for their livelihoods. Teenage girls gather under the mentorship of women from the church to learn answers to life’s questions that are often left unanswered by parents. In this safe context, girls are taught skills like sewing, cooking, and cosmetology to provide a viable source of income for their families. 

Illiteracy continues to be a major area of concern in the developing world. In the Democratic Republic of Congo, the illiteracy rate is approximately 40%. Within this statistic is a disparity: girls have a higher rate of illiteracy than boys. If the gospel is to be shared with these children unique methods must be employed. In the DRC, the sharing of the gospel through storytelling has made the hope of Christ more accessible. This manner of sharing the gospel has even been effective in sharing the good news with those who are literate! KIDStory is a verbal method of sharing the gospel with children. KIDStory relies on Jesus’ method of teaching through telling Bible stories combined with interactive experiences and meaningful discussions. The skills are fun to learn, use, and share with others. This makes the multiplying effect of the KIDStory strategy all the more powerful. 

“Elikya” means hope in the native tongue of the Congolese. The center lives up to its name because it brings hope to widows, orphans, and the disabled. These individuals learn about the love of Jesus, receive vocational training, and have their physical needs met as residents at the Elikya Center. 

The Tandala Hospital is a 175-bed general hospital currently staffed by five Congolese physicians and about 120 ancillary staff. The hospital continues to be recognized as one of only two good hospitals in the entire Équateur (Ubangi) Province. In 2010, the estimated population of the Équateur Province was 1.5 million people. Missionary doctors, who helped establish the hospital nearly 70 years ago, have been replaced with African physicians who have been trained at the medical school in Kinshasa. These physicians view their roles at the hospital as their ministry and they have a strong commitment to meeting the spiritual needs of their patients. They also have incredibly high standards for their medical practice. Because of the commitment of the doctors and the quality of the treatment, people come long distances to receive care at the hospital.

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