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We were all meant for community. Not only do we know that God uses community to help shape us, but our lives are more fulfilling when shared with others. That's why we want you to connect to a small group!

Small groups help us live in relationship with others.

We were created by God to live in community. The account of creation tells us that the idea of a person living in isolation is “not good.” (Gen. 2:18) Being part of a small group is an intentional step towards being connected to others in relationships.

Small groups help us grow spiritually.

It is in relationship with others that our walk with God is given an opportunity to be encouraged and challenged by other believers. Talking through a Bible story or passage brings the truth about God and His ways into a more personal and passionate level.

Small groups help us be "the church.”

The two great commands tell us that we should “Love God” and “Love others.” In a small group we can put this into practice. Over 50 “one another” passages in the Bible tell us to do such things as encourage one another, serve one another, and pray for one another. We can’t know everyone in a large church well enough to be involved this deeply, but we can as a part of a small group.



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