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Small Group Notes: February 28

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Getting Started:   Digging In:  Read all of Matthew 25. Our study will be a bit different that normal this week, looking at the main themes of these three parables. You probably will not have time in your group to dig too deeply into any one aspect.   Parable 1- Matthew...

Small Group Discussion: February 21

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Small Group Study Questions February 21, 2021   Getting Started: Has anyone ever given you a large gift?  Would you be willing to share about it? How did this gift make you feel?     Digging In: Read Acts 2:42-47 and Acts 4:32-37   When you read about the early...

Small Group Study Guide: February 14

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Getting Started: If someone gave you a $100,000.00, what would you do with it?  How about $1,000,000?   Digging In:  Read Matthew 25:14-30   vs. 14- What is “it” referring to? (Hint: all of chapter 24, specifically vs. 45-)   The master gave...

Small Group Notes: Anchored in the Gospel

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Small Group Study Questions January 31, 2021 - Anchored in the Gospel   Getting Started: Tell of a time when you were young when you REALLY wanted something, and when you got it, it left you disappointed.   Digging In: Read I Corinthians 15:1-11.  This passage is one to...

Small Group Notes: Anchored in Community

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Getting Started: If you were going into “lockdown” any place in the world, where would you pick?    Digging In: Read Romans 12:3-21   Vs. 3 and 4 link the importance of humility and understanding how we function with one another. Explain that connection? How does...

Small Group Notes: Anchored in Hope

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Small Group Study Questions Anchored in Hope - January 17, 2021   Getting Started: Are you a person who generally hopes for good things to happen, or are you a person who tries not to hope because you don’t want to be disappointed?  “Don’t get your hopes...

Small Group Notes: Anchored in Purpose

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Getting Started: When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?  At what age did you land in the profession you landed in?   Digging In: Read Col. 3:12-4:6   Read vs. 17 again.             - There is...

Small Group Notes: Anchored In Truth

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Anchored In Truth - January 3, 2021   Getting Started: How late did you stay up on December 31st?  Why?   Digging In:  When you think about an “anchor”, do you think of something bad that holds you back or something good that holds you...

Small Group Notes: December 20

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Small Group Study Questions - December 20, 2020   Getting Started: What part of the Christmas season are you looking forward to the most?   Digging In: Luke 2:20- The shepherds returned, glorifying and praising God for all the things they had heard and see, which were just as...

Small Group Notes: A Complicated World

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Small Group Study Questions  Getting Started: What was the least appreciated Christmas gift you remember receiving?  Or how about the least appreciated you gave?    Digging in: Pastor Randy Discher’s Main Points: Jesus had to come as He did to be what He was. He...

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